The world's first programmable sleep companion, customised for your little one.

Introducing the cuddly musical companion that can promote rest and play, robust enough to be dropped, kicked, chewed and drooled on. A companion that can grow as your little one does and keep them feeling safe and secure at bedtime, playtime and while exploring the world around them.

Santi the Sloth

The only sleep companion you will ever need.

Santi the Sloth is an all-in-one soft plush companion, containing an internal bluetooth enabled speaker, a variable night light, a safe teether ring and a number of stimulating and colorful textures to explore. Santi The Sloth is a soothing and comforting friend, designed to promote sleep while adapting as your child grows and develops.

A Comforting Friend

From playtime to bedtime

Santi The Sloth is your child's comforting sleep companion during cold nights and fun filled days. From the calming sounds of a mother's heartbeat and warm light for bedtime, to dancing along to their favourite songs during the day. Santi the Sloth is portable and versatile, joining you on your travels using his velcro claws to easily attach to the removable teether or cots, prams, car seats or anywhere else your little one wants Santi to hang out.

A Sleepy Slumber

Designed to promote sleep

Children of all ages are captivated by sound and music and parents constantly struggle with getting their young children to sleep and stay asleep. It’s been proven that the right sounds and frequencies, combined with the right lighting can promote sleep in newborns to toddlers.

Santi’s sleep mode mimics the lighting experienced by your baby in the womb, along with soft soothing sounds helping to calm and send your little one off to sleep. Santi has a built in cry sensor allowing him to come to the rescue when he detects your little one crying to help soothe them back to a peaceful slumber.

A Musical Playmate

Encourage play and mental development

Santi The Sloth is an all-in-one smart companion containing colorful tactile attachments designed to encourage exploration and promote visual development while personalising your Santi. He is a teether, comforter, wireless music player, nightlight and snuggly friend. Santi is also USB chargeable so no need to keep buying and replacing batteries.

A closer look

Santi’s uniquely designed branch teether is designed to encourage chewing and the massage of sore gums, providing relief while snuggling Santi. Santi’s speaker unit and teething ring can be easily removed for cleaning, keeping Santi always looking his best.

Safe, Comforting and Cuddly

Premium non-toxic super soft plush design with soothing teether along with patterns and texture to stimulate exploration.

Comforting Night Light

Santi’s nightlight can be programmed to run for set times with variable colors and intensity from soft red glows for bedtime to brighter fun colors for playtime.

Intelligent Sleep Technology

Smart sensors including cry sensor, temperature and movement sensors to keep your little one safe and sleeping soundly.

Natural Beechwood Teether

100% natural to soothe painful gums along with the addition of an organic flaxseed oil coating for added protection. Wooden teethers are naturally anti bacterial and free of PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines.

Soothing sounds

Wireless bluetooth speaker to stream music from music services like Spotify or use the built in memory for scientifically proven sounds to promote sleep, like white noise and rainfall or even your own recorded voice.

Grows with your child

From sleep aid to musical companion Santi can be adjusted to suit your growing child's sleep and play needs.

Choose your colour

Santi is available in several colors of your choice. Please select your favourite below.

Santi's App

Use your smartphone to control Santi the Sloth including, adjusting the sounds, night light, timers, music and additional safety features.

  • Control all of Santi’s features including play modes, cry sensor, night light, sounds, timers and safety features.
  • Manage Santi’s internal memory from saving your favourite songs to recording your voice directly to Santi’s internal memory.
  • Get real time alerts and notifications as Santi monitors the room temperature and for your little ones cries.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


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